Matchanna | Top 10 reasons Matcha tea makes you into a better you

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Top 10 reasons Matcha tea makes you into a better you

What are the main factors that destroy our everyday lives and health? We don’t have to dwell too much about this, and the very second we actually do, we feel queasy in our stomach, and begin to frown. A fast life rhythm and lack of time means we lack the option to carefully choose healthy foods. Even if we successfully choose the best ones to eat, there are pollutants all around us, even in our home. The sunniest day of the year also threatens to be the one with the most UV radiation. And let’s not even start about threats for sickness, nor how to relax after a long work week, all because our organism has been taught to always anticipate danger! A worn-out organism like that one has less energy, which means you won’t be able to focus on anything, let alone remember anything. All of the above is a surefire way to weaken your immune system. What about gaining weight as a symptom of bad eating disorders or worries, or digestion issues, topped with pressures, acne…

Making change is hard for everyone, not just you. It needs time, sometimes even years, for us to decide to take action and take hold of our health! A reorganisation of thoughts, which result in new actions, which translates into motivation to change old habits and fix old ones is key to start seeing results. There’s help should you need it on your journey. If you are willing to make one small change, one spoon of ground green tea can help you:

1. With its incredible antioxidant count, five times more than in other nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables, Matcha tea can protect you from UV radiation, give youthful skin, and defend you from sickness.

2. EGCG makes up 60% Matcha, proven clinically to protect cells from DNA damage caused by reactive oxygen species.

3. L Theanine wakes up alpha waves in the brain, which give you a sense of peace, balance and relaxation without feeling tired; it’s pure productive energy!

4. This same substance, L Theanine, increases dopamine and serotonin, two chemicals that are responsible for making you feel like you’re in a good mood, help you remember and focus.

5. The “side effect” of L Theanine is that you have more energy for 6 six hours.

6. Matcha speeds up metabolism and increases internal calorie burn, all the while keeping your heart safe.

7. Matcha influences the entire organism and makes it bloom with the most important substance called CHLOROPHYLL, which is food for our red blood cells!

8. People who drink Matcha are proven to have lower cholesterol.

9. Matcha contains a quickly absorbing fiber whose job is to lower blood sugar.

10. Regular drinking of Matcha tea fixes your skin and removes dirt and acne.

The smooth soothing taste. That’s something you get from Matcha tea, as a reward for doing good by your health.

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