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Matcha is grown in specific conditions so as to maximally accentuate its healing properties. Up to four weeks befores harvest Matcha grows sheltered in bamboo shade, which allows a limited amount of sunlight though. This makes the tea leaves grow slower, and reduces the pace of photosynthesis, resulting leaves that produce more chlorophyll. An overabundance in chlorophyll gives them a rich, deep and dark shade of green - evidence of a high production of amino acids.

After two months of growth, the intensity of the colour and aroma strengthens thanks to an elevated level of chlorophyll.

The picked leaves are steamed to prevent immediate oxidation and to ensure that they retain their green color. Steaming varies greatly from household to household, but is usually a mere 20 seconds or slightly longer. This step is always done within 20 hours of plucking. Until it is completely dried out, the product at this stage is called “tencha” and as such is placed in wooden boxes, and awaits to be processed further.

Just the healthiest leaves are taken into account. They’re singled out by the same height and colour, then cleaned and purged of irregularities. The skillful workers put in all their effort to check the leaves in such detail, amounting the knowledge across generations to a fine art that is uncompromising... almost to fault.

Only once this rigorous screening process ends, do the leaves reach the grinder. Tencha is stone ground into the micro-powder consistency of talcum powder. Stone grinding has been the key to fine matcha for more than eight centuries.

Matchanna tea

We’re fascinated by the multiple effects Matcha tea has on our health. That’s why we partnered directly with a 5th-generation family farm, one of the most influential producers of this exceptionally nutritious leaf.

Matcha, the end-product that we offer to you, is part of the japanese tradition that stems from the Nisho region, in Japan. Nisho is famous for the most quality blend of Matcha it produces. Matchanna, if raised properly and with utmost care, has a fulfilling taste that’s accompanied by multitude of health benefits.

Matcha is singlehandedly the richest source of antioxidants; it raises awareness and focus; brings our mind to a state of peace and relaxation while raising our energy levels and the same time. It wields a beneficial effect on skin, hair, and entices a youthful visage.

Matcha’s health benefits

Rich source of vitamins.
Matcha is rich with Vitamins A, B complex, C, E, and K.

Immunity boost.
Matcha is abundant with antioxidants, polyphenols, EGCG, and L-theanine which create a joint effect on the immune system, boosting it and helping our body protect itself from harm.

Antioxidant effect and protection against free radicals.
Research has shown that Matcha, compared to all other available foods, contains the greatest levels of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which is an exceptionally healthy component of numerous advantages to our all around well-being. These antioxidants fight against free radicals and neutralise their harmful effect on our organism.

Prevents aging.
EGCG protects us from harmful agents and has an anti-aging effect!

Healthy heart.
Another important value of EGCG is the way it maintains the health of cardiovascular system. It affects the reduction of the lipid accumulations, and promotes autophagy in vascular endothelial cells.

Increases energy levels.
Matcha contains a special type of caffeine and theophylline, which increases energy levels without nasty side effects. Theophylline is absorbed slower, but its effects are far more reaching. It also helps the adrenal glands in operating, and keeps optimal hormonal levels.

Matcha plays a critical part in detoxing our organism. Chlorophyll speeds up our organism’s natural detox process and prevents joint toxin effects!

Calms the body and relaxes.
Although it does raise energy levels, Matcha also calms and soothes our body at the same time! L theanine, found in Matcha, affects the production of alpha waves in the brain, which secures a state of complete relaxation and clarity of mind. The entire organism wakes, while we feel utterly calm and relaxed. Recent studies have confirmed an anti stress effect theanine which lowers psychological and physical tension.

Raises focus, attention spans.
L theanine affects our memory retention and learning capabilities!

Protects from infections!
EGCG attaches itself to lipid membranes and has an inhibitory effect against all kinds of pathogens.

Speeds up metabolism and burns fat faster.
Studies show Matcha makes calorie burning up to 4 times more efficient and faster, while causing no stress on the body, without any side effects.

Lowers bowel interference.
It causes the organism to release pathological toxins.

Lowers bad cholesterol.
Lowers bad cholesterol with the help of antioxidants.

Reduces skin irregularities.
Reduces skin irregularities, lowers red tones and cleanses the skin, by reducing acne.

How to drink Matchanna tea properly?

Matchanna works best if you drink it diluted in regular water, boiled then cooled to 80 degrees celsius, then whisked into submission. The whisk, however, isn’t a regular one. This whisk is a special tool made from bamboo that largely resembles a regular metal whisk. It’s paramount to the process of preparing Matcha, not just because of the art form of this mini ceremony, but because of the specific way it's made that doesn’t inhibit Matcha’s benefits. You can make an enticing Matcha Latte by adding milk, coconut milk, soy milk, almond milk or any other milk you prefer.

Matchanna also works as an excellent base for a smoothie; it’s perfect for quick, nourishing breakfasts on the go that simultaneously wake you up better than a bland cup of coffee.

We’ll try our best to constantly bring you new recipes that include this wondrous green powder, so you can enrich your healthy diet even more.

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